This page describes the basic actions that can be found in the Music interface.

Add And Play
Add at the end of the Current Playlist and start playing the first track. Hidden if already in the playlist.
Add Recursively To Current Playlist
Add all tracks found recursively in the folder to the Current Playlist.
Add To Current Playlist
Add at the end of the Current Playlist. Hidden if already in the playlist.
Add To Playlist
Add tracks at the end of the playlist being edited.
Generate a Download Links which allows an external person to download the content of the object (track, album, playlist…).
Builds a zip file with the content of the object (track, album, artist, playlist) and starts downloading.
Force Full Scan
Force a complete analysis of the folder, meaning that all folders and files are scanned and updated. It should only be used if inconsistencies are found between the file tags and the library information.
Play the track right away without adding it in the Current Playlist. This is useful to quickly listen to a track without messing with the playlist.
Remove all lines from the playlist.
When the handle is displayed at the left of a list, it means that the elements can be manually reordered.
Start the conversion process. More precisely, flag the converter to be ready for conversion. The conversion automatically starts in the background within 2 minutes.

Analyzes the folder in order to add new tracks in the library or update the information on existing trakcs. It also removes the deleted tracks from the library. It only analyzes folders and tracks for which the modification time has changed since last scan. It means that if the ID3 tags of a file are updated, its modification time should also be updated.

The database is updated every 1000 new files or every 2 minutes.

A folder being analyzed is ‘locked’, meaning that it is protected against multiple scans at the same time. If the scanning process crashes at some point (hopefully it shouldn’t happen), the folder may stay ‘locked’ without actual analysis running. This allows to ‘unlock’ the folder and make it available for scanning.
Update Events
Retrieve all the events of the artists thanks to BandsInTown.