KooZic’s documentation

Welcome to KooZic’s documentation, the official documentation for the self- hosted media server based on Odoo!


KooZic is an alternative to applications such as Subsonic or Ampache. It gives you the possibility to access your music and video collection on any device, for free. It offers:

  • a clean and well-structured interface
  • a real-time conversion of all music and video formats so it can be played in any web browser
  • the full support of ID3 tags, and the possibility to add custom tags
  • dynamic smart playlists (random, favorites, never played and even custom based on your criteria)
  • the Subsonic API compatibility to use with apps such as DSub or Ultrasonic
  • online content retrieval such as artist biography or upcoming events
  • and much more…

Actually, not really much more. KooZic’s philosophy is to keep things clean and useful. It’s not bloated with fancy but often useless features. The configuration is also voluntarily limited (or ‘opinionated’ as some software developers like to name it).

As always, the best starting point is to test it. Just give a try to our test server to see if it could fit your needs.

Getting started

You might want to start with the Quickstart installation tutorial to get your media server up and running within a few minutes. The configuration of your media folders should be straightforward since the first steps are guided in the interface.

In case you would need a more specific setup, the Detailed instructions will guide you through the various steps of the manual process.

If things are still unclear, feel free to browse the documentation!