KooZic has extended playlist creation capabilities. It is possible to create playlist manually by adding tracks, albums or artists, but dynamic playlists are also available.


A Tree, a Form and a Search view.


3 action buttons are available:

In edit mode, several fields appear. By adding an album or an artist, all the corresponding tracks are added to the playlist. A dynamic playlist is automatically populated when switching tracks. Therefore, in this case, it is usually not necessary to add more than a few tracks before starting playing it.

Finally, it is also possible to interact with the playlist lines:


Name of the playlist
Additional description
Audio Mode
  • Standard: regular transcoding of the files.
  • No Transcoding: do not transcode audio files. It decreases the server load, at the cost of a higher network usage.
  • Normalize: normalize playlist loudness thanks to the EBU R128 normalization. Transcoding will be significantly slower when activated, implying larger gaps between songs.
Audio API

API used for audio playback.

  • HTML5 Audio: no need to download the full file before starting the playback.
  • Web Audio API: need to download the full file before starting the playback. More reliable than HTML5, but longer gaps between tracks.
If activated, tracks will be automatically added based on the Smart Playlist.
Current playlist being played.
Add Album Tracks
When selected, the associated album tracks are added to the playlist.
Add Artist Tracks
When selected, the associated artist tracks are added to the playlist.
Smart Playlist
How tracks are chosen to be automatically added to the playlist. Possible values are: Random Tracks, Already Played, Never Played, Most Played, Last Listened, Recent, Favorites, Best Rated, Worst Rated and Custom.
Custom Domain

When the smart playlist option is set to ‘Custom’, a domain editor is available. The tracks of the dynamic playlist will be chosen based on the conditions defined in this domain.

Example 1: tracks with the genre set to either ‘blues’, ‘country’ or ‘americana’


Example 2: tracks with genre set to either ‘americana’, ‘blues’, ‘jazz’, ‘country’, …, and ‘pop’. But in case of ‘pop’, the artist cannot contain some pattern such as ‘gara’, ‘dion’ or ‘obispo’ (translate: it plays pop songs, but not Céline Dion)

The list of tracks currently in the playlist
The Download Links of the playlist.